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So why Fighter Dojo Where is LUB-MMA?

LUBTEXT1Well as many people may or may not know LUB-MMA, has always been a strong supporter and also sponsor of MMA particularly in the field of WMMA and Invicta. It’s not to say we haven’t branched out and sponsored people in the UFC or Bellator or other promotions  but we have always had a close relationship with a core group in Invicta FC.

LUB-MMA is 100% non profit and to date we have never asked for any funds from the public, it has actually all been privately funded simply because we believe in what we do.

So what do we do?

Our core mission is simple: Bring athletes and fans together in communication for the better of the sport and by connection in unity this gives the brand power in numbers to help do good for the sport.

Be it helping get an athlete on a card by the community acting together with one goal. Or simply having athletes we help in turn, help other athletes we are trying to help, and thus  the pay it forward mentality gives strength to everyone involved! – The is no membership or minimums you must do to help. We simply ask you help spread the word on anything you like that we do, be it a news article a competition or a project we are running to assist a fan, or fighter.

You are a voice, BUT together we are many and LOUD when united! 

Its a simple but amazingly effective concept that works!LUBMMA4LIFE




So why now FighterDojo?

Well quite simply exactly as per our above mission. We believe that the pay it forward method and connecting like minded MMA people are the key to help making changes to the basic levels of the sport.  So we have partnered up with a few other teams and brands to create and run And with the ongoing support by, enabling the “DOJO” to become a home for anyone who wants to join the concept it provides a base or “hubfree of charge for everyone happy to help each other for the improvement of the sport.  Be it as simple as athletes helping eachother, or radio or video shows supporting eachother, instead of competing separately.

By making everything from news, to rankings, to league competitions, to fan opinion write ins, what ever the community wants to add it simply stengthens and supports everyone using the place while helping them too.

So if you like to help please do and if you have idea’s on who we can help or how we can improve your user experience please feel free to make suggestions, our only requirement for helping people is that they must be a part of what we call the LUBFAMILY concept. ie people who have already helped in some way or another, big or small it doesn’t matter, this eliminates people simply abusing the kindness of people offering free help and their own time to help others – ie. respect the pay it forward mentality because fans and other athletes and even managers, literally put their time and money into the belief we can all change MMA for the better through the kindness and spirit of people together as a united group for the good of the sport.

This small screening process simply eliminates us putting in time where we say help an athlete and then they take money or influence we create as a group on thier behalf, but fail to respect the ideals when we ask for a simple pay it forward group retweet or shout out etc… ie. Respect the community that supports you that’s all we ask in return.

We are constantly open to new ideas and projects so if you have any big or small thoughts please contact:

LUBMMA or BOZY to discuss your idea! Nothing is off limits! We are always open to anything if MMA is involved!

Alternatively you can contact us via the contact page as well

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